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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's All In The Perspective

4D Perspectives has been birthed out of my passion for opening up new perspectives, new ways of 'seeing and being professionally' to others. One dimensional, even two dimensional work spaces can stiffle growth and prosperity, not just in a company but also in our points of view, attitudes and cultures.

My mission is to present to and consult with companies and individuals to help them gain more than a 36o degree viewpoint. I want to bring a multi-dimensional perspective on topics related to professionalism, seeking out the issues that hinder and bind and to break open the levels of communication that have never been imagined.

How? So glad you asked! Through years of research and professional practice I have developed a methodology that allows me to breakdown complex professional and workplace issues and bring those 'hidden' or unspoken and unacknowledged topics to the forefront in a comfortable and often humorous manner.

At the heart of my methodology is the ability to look into the spaces that exist within issues - to look beyond the obvious surface level issues that are easily identified into the dimension of true recognition and understanding of the deeper meanings that may hinder success.

Areas of expertise are

  • Generational Communication and Perspectives in the Workplace
  • Celebrating and Using Talents and Strengths to Build Strong Teams
  • The Power of Positive in the Workplace
  • Professional Branding - Marketing the Professional in You!
  • Professional Ethics - According to Whom?

4D Perspectives tackles tough issues so you can take your professionalism to the next dimension.


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